Wednesday, June 09, 2004

More B. Porter & Reagan, Nancy Reagan  

(RE: the last post) -- Kenny Goldsmith just emailed a poem saying, "Check out this gem where Porter cites Nancy Reagan."


Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

Now that Classic Coke
is back
And Old Coke and New Coke
have gone
And fresh horse meat
is scarce
I've taken to eating cob
webs for their high
protien content
And the slipping feeling
they give my gullet
as they go down


Now that Nancy Reagan
is in charge
And both Maimie and Beth
have gone
And hairpins are quite passé
I've taken to playing polo
for its horsey risk
and the fun of falling off
as I charge about


Now that the price of silver
has dropped
And the dollar is falling fast
And McDonald's has hit
four billion
I've taken to painting
chairs a very pal
Thinking I'm making a
contribution to husbandry

Bern Porter
June 6, 1988
Belfast, ME

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