Friday, June 11, 2004

e-mail from Arlo Quint on Bern Porter  

Thanks for posting the news of Bern's death-- information travels in strange ways-- I just visited him in the nursing home on Sunday (incidentally, he didn't die at home) and I didn't hear about his death until a friend directed me to your site-- I first visited Bern about a month ago in hopes of getting an interview-- I'm presenting a paper on Bern's work at the NPF conference in Orono, ME at the end of this month-- so my first visit was for "research"-- it turned out that he wasn't able to speak coherently and so that didn't work out-- I went back again to deliver a copy of James Schevill's excellent biography of Porter to the staff at the home-- none of the nurses who were taking care of him really knew who he was and they told my friend, Ben Friedlander, and I that we were the first visitors he had received in a long while-- it seemed a very sad, lonely end for someone who lead such an amazing life anyway, sorry to send you these depressing details but I thought you might be interested
(posted by CAConrad)

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