Tuesday, May 18, 2004

so i'm watchin' the news... 

...and they say, "Several airlines at Philadelphia International Airport will be installing automated boarding pass machines at gates to promote better customer service."

a machine is BETTER customer service!? you wave your boarding pass under a beam of light and it sends you on your way, and that's better? were the people who were tearing tickets too slow? or? i don't get it!

but of course what's to get is that it's a bullshit cover-up.

this, at a time when US Air is laying off 4,000 employees.

and of course US Air executives takes care of "company" losses at tax time with bigger tax breaks for hard times, and gobbles a little on the corporate welfare meatloaf our working tax dollars cook in the oven.

but the poor fuckers who get laid off have to PAY TAXES ON THEIR unemployment benefits checks, which are already a mere blot of their usual take home. and they've ALREADY paid taxes on this money, as every penny they earned was already taxed before it was divvied up.

paying taxes on an EMERGENCY security blanket (for families) is outrageous. but some of them are simply MAKING WAY for better customer service, so maybe it's not so bad.

with irritation and love,

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