Tuesday, May 25, 2004


An old friend who knew me before, during, and after my plunge into macrobiotics was in Philly a few months ago for a visit. She said that although she was always amazed and inspired by my transformative health, she felt she didn't really need any help with her health, and that she felt just fine.

Well that's a good thing to hear.

For me (she said) a vegetarian diet would be for the sake the animals, and the environment. But I really can't imagine giving up meat and dairy.

I told her about the simple mathematics involved with eating meat. And how I had shared my simple plan with a few PETA members who told me that I should scrap the idea and insist on all or nothing.

The problem is this: we cannot afford (with the growing size of human population) to turn away anyone who wants to make an alteration to their diet away from meat, even if it means part-time.

Here's the simple facts for everyone: it takes 16 pounds of plant matter to make 1 pound of animal flesh (cow (meat or dairy), chicken (meat or eggs), pig, fish, etc.).

If you are someone who fully understands the enormous STRESS on the environment (not to mention the stress on the animals), and wants to make some contribution to this world's shrinking food supply, and cleaner air, cleaner water, and more space, here's what everyone can do.

You really DON'T have to quit eating meat altogether. Now, I know there are vegetarians who want to kick my ass for saying this, but it's TRUE! Any contribution you can give is really an amazing gift! Sounds corny? Sounds weird?

Look at this:

If you give up eating animal and animal products JUST 2 DAYS A WEEK
(at 16 pounds of plant matter for 1 pound of animal)
You will free up 32 pounds of plant matter a week.
In one year, you can free up 1,664 pounds of plant matter, and an enormous amount of oil, human, and others resources, which are wasted on meat production.

If you give up eating animal and animal products for 3 days a week,
you free up 48 pounds of plant matter a week,
and 2,496 pounds of plant matter a year!

Give up consuming animals 4 days a week,
you free up 64 pounds of plant matter a week,
and 3,328 pounds a year!

5 days a week,
free up 80 pounds a week,
and 4,160 a year!

6 days a week,
gives the world an extra 96 pounds of plant matter a week,
and 4,992 pounds a year!

7 days a week, you're a vegan,
and you free up an amazing 112 pounds of plant matter a week,
and 5,824 pounds a year!

If you're at all interested in being part of this change for the planet, start NOW! Just 2 days a week, that's all! If you can do 1 day a week, you can handle 2.

If everyone TOMORROW gave up consuming animals and animal products for just 2 days a week, this world would SHIFT so quickly that it would throw governments into chaos, and we'd all have to start thinking about how best to redistribute the wealth.

Not one person on this planet would starve, and our electricity and fuel shortages would come to an end. Plenty for everyone, because there is plenty.

In the name of ELVIS, who is all love,

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