Wednesday, April 28, 2004

what scares me... 


"i'm not interested in reading their poems from the trenches or from their homes in Idaho after they return. there's really nothing new to learn from soldiers."


how dismissive this sounds -- how reductive -- of an entire group of people -- of an experience, that, whether you support or oppose the war, certainly deserves to be documented by as many different voices as possible. voices who are not Peter Jennings. deserves & needs to be documented. how does it go, those who don't remember history are destined to repeat it?

let's insert another word for soldiers:

there's really nothing new to learn from *activists*


there's really nothing new to learn from *women*

& we'd all be up in arms.

no pun intended.

but the thing is, how can we dismiss a group without looking at the individual?


"murder is murder. period."

my father is the superintendent at sci graterford, & has recently started a new poetry workshop program at the prison, working with various arts organizations in and around philadelphia to bring in poets to work with the inmates.

the above quote is the kind of thing the general public tends to say when they find out abt such programs & protest their tax dollars funding them -- that murderers are murderers, period, & deserve no voice, no art, no acknowledgment of their expression. there's really nothing new to learn from convicted criminals.


abt the group v. individual thing:

personally, I do hope to be read as an individual.

rather than, "oh, dear. it's another american, middle-class, straight, white woman. there's really nothing new to learn from THEM."

jenn mccreary.

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