Sunday, April 04, 2004


hats off to Greg Fuchs for organizing an AMAZING night of birthday ROASTS at La Tazza for Frank Sherlock!

Greg started our evening off with Chris and Jenn McCreary, and John Coletti. Chris and Jenn had poems to read, and some GREAT stories. Chris told us about how he can talk about his life divided by the time before he met Frank, and after meeting him.

ah, well, Jenn FINALLY put an END to the dispute over Frank Sherlock having watched Melrose Place with her (he had FLATLY DENIED it some months ago). she had found an old journal with notes on a series of poems she and her friends were going to write containing characters from Melrose Place. and THERE WAS an entry for Frank, and his character he was to write about, but i can't recall who it was. i've never seen the show (i really haven't, by the way) so none of the names meant anything to me, although it was all very funny, hearing Jenn read those journal entries, busting Frank.

John Coletti read some beautiful poems, ending with a remarkable tribute poem he had written for Frank's birthday.

Nicole McEwan brought a remarkable gift, a scrapbook of photographs of Frank from his teen years as a lead singer on stage, to a reading with Max Winter, and more.

Nicole also brought a beautiful cake with an airbrushed reproduction of a photograph of Frank from his teen years, a time in his life before "the serious beard"--as someone had said at some point in the evening of his beard.

this was a night the dozens of us in the room will NEVER forget! one of the things that could have only made it better, would have been if Matt McGoldrick had been there. he's on a business trip in New Orleans, and he called Greg's cell phone JUST as Greg was approaching the microphone to start the event. so that was a nice visit with Matt at the microphone. two, maybe three minutes later Brett Evans called, and we had another phone/microphone conversation, this one about Frank and Brett having had an incident at a Philly bar years ago with some guy's wallet, missing wallet, and i don't remember too much, i had already had two gin and tonics, and was trying to clear my head for the rest of the evening.

Don Riggs read a wonderful poem he had written for Frank, using every form of Frank he could imagine, including Franco American Chef Boy Ardie (is that right?)

Fran Ryan and Nicole McEwan both read some pretty revealing and interesting journal entries from many years ago about when they first met Frank.

it was a great night, if you missed it, you couldn't possibly have been having NEARLY as good a time as we were.

Nicole had video taped most of the event.

i had tape recorded the event, BUT someone (thanks a lot) was trying to be nice and flipped the cassette, which had already been flipped. so, a very large chunk of the beginning of the tape was erased.

there's probably many things i'm leaving out.

lots of fun! the true spirit of community to hold us all,

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