Saturday, April 24, 2004

Dana Kill-Joy to create NEA as new form of goverment spy organization, am i being crazy? or am i being Clancy? OY! 

yes, i agree the possibilities are quite open here for these soldier writers. and maybe you're right, Jennifer, that Clancy could induce conspiracy awareness.

hadn't thought of it that way.

it kind of reminds me of this time an old boyfriend showed me a Life Magazine photo of West Point cadets in uniform, in neat rows behind desks at school, reading, unbelievably, HOWL. and my boyfriend was upset with the photo, saying that it was an outrageous statement. but my question was "what was the statement?" and i recall saying that it was insane for West Point to give those young men that book, really, in lieu of expecting obedience. maybe it turned some of them into acid dropping haiku writing free dancing kind of guys after all, right?

can Clancy open them? Jesus! i can't believe i'm thinking it's possible! but maybe you're right Jennifer!

i still say though that it is more of the administration's reallocation of funding to only aid ideas as conservative as possible, be it art, or whatever.

recently i dreamt that i was walking through the pentagon, for some reason, and there were MILLIONS of crucifixes hanging on the walls! all kinds of them. ivory, dark wood, bamboo, all kinds of weird bleeding Jesuses hanging on by bitty nails and hanging out in this weird building that, as i kept walking, completed a circle.

i think my dream represents Dana Gioia as a modern Wordsworth (in actions, not as a writer), a so-called free thinker turned government informant. no, i really don't think that my dream represents this. but i do believe Gioia would visit Wordsworth if time travel permitted, to get a few tips on how to handle the chaos of the world with a fist of old fashioned state-imposed control.

maybe i'm being unfair with that point.

maybe i'm not.

time will tell.

i'm glad Frank laid out his thoughts. this damn thing is much more sinister than it may seem at first, i believe. and i believe Frank is correct to point out the specific Poetry Project stance against the Iraq invasion as possible cause for losing funds.

HEY, if Richard Clarke can be turned down for a promotion for making comments against a preemptive strike against Iraq, why NOT believe it's possible that Dana Gioia is really taking direction from someone someplace in DC as far as dishing out the arts funds? art is dangerous. and there's a lot of it. and there's more to come. and there's no fucking way to stop it. they can stop all the grant money in the world and it's still going to come at them, at everyone, to get us to wrap our minds around what's going on. and DO something to END the madness, and the complicit sleep.


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