Wednesday, March 17, 2004

we commune just fine 

hello Joseph,
hmmm. well, where do i start? first of all, yes, there are bad experiences with poetry and other communities. hey, there are poets who ripped a copy of my book up on stage, and then wrote vicious rants about me in the Philadelphia City Paper. (no fucking exaggeration at all here)

that and more. much much bullshit. endless bullshit actually.

but i reFUSE to simply double-lock my door and build an igloo with my books. there are TEN amazing and generous poets for every asshole! i'm convinced of this!

if you can walk around a pile of dogshit on the sidewalk then my friend you can avoid an asshole poet just the same.

hmmm, i'm not at all certain when i realized that community was SO IMPORTANT, but i'm grateful i finally did. i value my friends more than i can say. hassen for instance is one of those friends i value highly because she and i can REALLY argue and hear one another, and still have the same love. anyone who has that is RICH!

the other thing is, so what if it's not that many folks reading the blogs. so what if only a handful of folks read our poems. so what Joseph. i mean, hey, is my appreciation for you work not enough? do we all really NEED to WANT to be rock stars or something? to not write on the blog or to care about writing on the blog because of the volume of readership seems odd to me. considering that we write poems in the first place which is probably the most ill-read form of publishing.

i love the blogs. and i love the community of blogs. it's a great thing, i feel, to check in with and see how poetry is being read and how it's being thought of. we're living in this fantastic time of e-mail and internet, and frankly i just want to KISS whoever thought it all up!

i'm in the middle of a rather heated e-mail argument with someone right now (won't mention who without their permission) who sent me an announcement for a novel writing workshop. anyway, my stand with this person has been, and continues to be, that i dislike novels. and this person (boy does this annoy me) said that (makes my blood boil) poets would be better off writing novels since no one reads poetry. well, this e-mail exchange is raising my blood pressure. i don't know why i'm even bothering really, but i'm careful to word everything so that it NEVER sounds like an apology for poetry!!!!!!! none needed!

in my next post i'd like to focus more on isolation, which i've experienced, and yes, it was in my opinion what made me a poet. but i have many ideas about that now which are very different, mainly because my isolation was against my will. but also, because i don't really believe it's vital, not at all as a matter of fact. more later.


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