Wednesday, March 17, 2004


my original post was mostly about Laib & his marginal work. maybe if i'd titled it 'In Defense of Outsiders' it wouldn't have provoked you so, Conrad. maybe that would have immediately presented to you my own sense of victimization before you had the chance to claim it for yourself to negotiate your own agenda.

but seriously - i had no intension of offending you, Conrad, & apologize if i did.

incestuous little artmills – i won't apologize for that for this is what i often see (not always, of course!). however, i also carefully pointed out that some work well in a community – which is to say that some seem to thrive there & produce some amazing stuff. that is not a blanket statement, is it? is it condescending? i wouldn't think so. you contend that to praise one is to criticize another? that sounds so Sun Tzu.

frankly, this situation could kind of be an example of dangers of 'community' as it takes a hard turn from my original intent of conversation & support of an individual – in this case, Laib & what he's about. am i (we) not allowed room to talk about that without making sure i'm not offending anyone? your post insisting my attack sure seems a form of censorship & anti-communal. i'd have more accommodation talking with birds outside Laib's windows. community as most might perceive it often has a way of, by popular demand/disinterest if not by those who speak the loudest/fastest, commandeering focus away from original intentions/ideas. for whatever reason. it can quickly deter & defeat those who might otherwise come up with some worthwhile contributions if they had the space or ability to follow their own thoughts in that environment. maybe you can easily sidestep such situations but others might not have your determination or focus or skill or interest or whatever you might call that which makes you different from them in this respect.

kisses, & i mean that,

*i have to say I REALLY LOVE your "big mill, crank crank crank, here's a freshly cranked box of art poop, YAY!" so much that i want to see it on everything, everywhere. making no bones about it. i'm ROTFL

**hey, Joe – nice to see you!

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