Friday, March 19, 2004

sheesh II 

Conrad, i merely posted about Laib & his work as someone who works in isolation & how that kind of work can sometimes transcend. i did not mean to say, by any means, that those who work in their art community can not or do not accomplish the same thing. if you want to take what i said as an attack on this/your/our/any community, go ahead. that wasn't my intention or position. while i feel there are faults with community at times, there are also faults with isolation and anything else one might talk about. in any case - to each his/her own. but your spin on what i said is the reason for the angry words in my last post. i don't appreciate you hijacking what i consider a reasonably worthwhile topic & turning it into whatever vehicle you desire. you're aggressively insisting i confront, if not submit to, your own offense when it was not my intention, as i've repeatedly stated. if you wanted to actually clarify my position or further engage me on the subject, you could have done so by simply asking -- & considering.

as for myself, i'm not so interested in using what little time i have in talking (much less pointlessly arguing) about community or in confronting your own issues as i am about Laib and/or working in isolation, as i had written in that first freaking post on the topic. but you go right ahead...

on the run again,

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