Wednesday, March 17, 2004


here's what Elizabeth Scanlon sent me in response to my original post on Laib. sorry it's taken me a few days...

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On 3/11/04, "elizabeth scanlon" wrote:

hey hassen,

thank you for reminding me of that, and of him...I saw that piece at the
Hirshhorn, too, and was so moved. It reminds me of the most important line
of the Tao te Ching: that which can be spoken is not the Tao. (but then of
course goes on for the rest of a book because we are human and prone to
make sounds.) The intention, the attention, the specificity -- not the idea
of pollen and what it might stand for, but the manual embodied minute
personal collection of it, is monumental. It is a stunning example to me of
having a practice. A way. There now, enough.


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