Monday, March 01, 2004

Kaia Sand & Samuel Delany @ La Tazza this Saturday 

March 6
1857- Dred Scott decision given, paving the way to US Civil War
1928- Gabriel Garcia Marquez born, Aracataca, Mexico
1954- Irish independence martyr Bobby Sands born, Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland

March 6, 2004

La Tazza presents
Kaia Sand & Samuel Delany
108 Chestnut St.
7pm cocktail hour
reading at 8 sharp

Kaia Sand was born in Alaska, & arrived in DC by way of Portland, Oregon- where she wrote for the now-defunct street newspaper Burnside Cadillac. She founded The Tangent, a zine of politics & the arts with Jules Boykoff & their brothers, Neal Sand & Max Boykoff. She's also edited the feminist journal So To Speak & teaches at St. Mary's College. She co-curates the In Your Ear poetry series at the District ofColumbia Arts Center. Her collection, interval is now available from Edge Books.

Samuel R. Delany is a critic and novelist, with essays and interviews so far collected in seven volumes, the most recent three of which are Silent Interviews (1994), Longer Views (1996) and Shorter Views (1999). He has written a highly praised autobiography The Motion of Light in Water (1988), the best-selling Times Square Red, Times Square Blue (1998), and, among his fiction, The Mad Man (1995), Atlantis: Three Tales (1993), and Dhalgren (1975). Some of his early science fiction – Babel-17 and Empire Star (both 1966), Nova (1968), and Driftglass (collected stories, 1970)–has come back into print. In 1999 a substantial book of his letters, 1984: Selected Letters appeared. In summer 2002, The Mad Man has also been republished. He teaches at Temple University.

Reading Report:

John Coletti hosted a tribute reading to celebrate the work of Joseph Ceravolo, a poet whose work remains influential & exciting to new generations. John shared from a small-run Ceravolo chapbook Flowers Out of Gas. CA Conrad read from The Green Lake is Awake, & shared Ron Silliman's thoughts about his first contact with Ceravolo's poems. Africa Wayne gave a reverent recitation, & repeated a number of poems again & again to remain in the light of the poem. Simon Pettit recounted a reading he gave with Ceravolo in a Jersey engineering school, & interspersed Ceravolo poems with generous biographical info.

Post-reading, we headed over to St. Jack's, where Anne gave her prescription for an Eagles Super Bowl. Next stop was Dirty Frank's, where Simon gave a talk on the history of Lower East Side poetry. After-hours decompression commenced at the Pen & Pencil Club.


March 1 & 8- 6:30-8:30 pm

There will be a panel discussion/teach-in regarding the effects of the Patriot Act. Panelists will include: Lynne Stewart attorney from New York who is still facing charges stemming from an indictment by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft; Mara Verheyden-Hillard of the Partnership for Civic Justice from Washington, DC, who has been an outspoken national opponent of the Patriot Act; and Philadelphia activists: Berta Joubert-Ceci of the International Action Center Shafik El-Amin from the Minority Experience Network. The event is open to the public. Classes will be in Anderson Hall at Berks Street & 12th St. on Temple University campus.

March 4- 4pm

Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ) gathering at City Hall. DIY street education, open mic hijinks & whatever you make it.

March 6- 3-5pm

Robin's Bookstore, 108 S. 13th St.
Refusing to Kill: An Afternoon of Refusing the Military.

Coordinated by Payday & GWS. Sponsors: AFSC Nat’l Youth & Militarism Program, Brandywine Peace Community, Every Mother is a Working Mother, Phila Lesbian & Gay Task Force, Wages Due Lesbians.

With: Stephen Funk, a gay Marine of Filipino & Native American descent just out of jail for refusing to go to Iraq; Rev. Dorothy Mackey, Exec Director of STAAAMP (Survivors Taking Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel), former US Air Force Captain and Commander, multiple rape & military abuse survivor; a video of Israeli refusenik Asaf-Shal Trauling, reps from the Refuser Solidarity Network; Linda Dann from Military Families Speak Out.

See you Saturday.

Frank Sherlock

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