Thursday, March 18, 2004

just to directly address the idea of censorship... 

...as brought up in your last post, hassen.

i'm glad you said that it feels like censorship to have to worry all the time about someone else's feelings about these topics. but was that my intent? no way, i just wanted it made clear that there were things you were defining which included more than yourself, and i didn't happen to agree with the definition.

and as before, this may simply be something we agree to disagree on.

but let's decide to continue the conversation anyway, because it is important to both of us, and others, despite the differences in how things may get defined. so what if it pissed me off, then pissed you off that it pissed me off?

are you interested in a little investigation here with the topic? i mean, in a way of form? i was thinking, something along the lines of us each writing about what it was like discovering poetry, and that moment when we walked into the larger community with it (i say larger community, because i do agree with Joseph Massey that our pens and paper and books are our community as well, i think especially when there is little else at hand, and i'm also agreeing with hassen much earlier saying that connection can be more than community).

anyway, i'd like to see us bring those experiences to the table, because it's our direct and personal connection to the original post.

any takers?
i'll post one, maybe later today.


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