Tuesday, March 16, 2004

defending "defending community" 

"Over & again I hear how impossible it is to artistically develop
isolated from society. Well, alternative worlds and futures are not
often made from our little incestuous artmills." (hassen...3/10 post)

hassen, the above is not an attack on community? "our" "little" "incestuous" "artmills" this is not condescending?

"you wrote 'in defense of community' as if i attacked it, but nowhere in
that post did i say that community does damage..." (hassen...3/15)

yes it was an attack. and i agree, you didn't say that community does damage, you propose it's entirely too impotent to do damage, after all, it's such a "little" "incestuous" "artmill" instead of a big one maybe? big mill, crank crank crank, here's a freshly cranked box of art poop, YAY!

but yes, of course writing can be done in isolation. one day i hope to write a poem while scuba diving in the Deleware with waterproof paper and i'm actually not being a smartass, at the moment. if we want to talk about what is possible, what we're capable of, that's fine, let's do it. but can we do it without telling me that i'm imagining things and that i'm being "defensive" like i'm some paranoid weirdo? if your condescending lines were a new form of condescension, one which isn't used in attack, but this brand new version of condescension used to praise its subject, for instance, well then please accept my apology. if in fact we want to talk about defining "little" "incestuous" "artmill" as something NOT attacking community, but that in fact it was meant to examine how important community is, well then, by all means enlighten me. okay okay okay, now i am in fact being a smartass.

or, if the little incestuous artmill was specific to something which had been left unsaid, then please say what it is/was. instead of the wide-open generalization.

i vow to never burn down a hermit's hut,
and i mean it,

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