Tuesday, March 16, 2004

conversation poem by CAConrad & Sparrow 


Conrad: My dream job is to bake a cherry pie every monday and be paid $300 for it. Maybe i'll make flyers.

Sparrow: For me, the dream job is to work in a taco stand in Guatemala that only has 3 customers a day. Buenos burritos.

and please, anyone reading this who knows someone with a passion (possibly an excruciating passion) for cherry pie, and can afford my very special cherry pie, for GOD'S SAKE give them my e-mail address, CAConrad13@AOL.com ...not a difficult e-mail address to remember, but written down, it doesn't take up too much space, i assure you, as i've convinced more than one person in my life, having them scratch it on a nibble of paper or card, and then, there it is, ready to be used at crucial moments of insane generosity for pie.

thank you,

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