Wednesday, March 17, 2004

<<<(((( e-mail response from Joseph Massey ))))>>> 


you don't think the poetry community is incestuous? if
incestuous implies cliques, frantic leap-frogging,
back-stabbing, ass eating, constant bitching, the
ranks, the ranking, the paranoia, the strange lack of
love for poetry itself and intense love of
personalities -- then I say it's incestuous.

the blogs: incest. no one reads our blogs with any
interest other than other poets. Mr. Blank down the
block don't know no nothin bout Sparrow, or CA Conrad,
or Hassen, or Joseph Massey, etc.

alright, I'm being crazy. but:

it's always smelled like incest to me. there are
pockets of good things happening, of course -- I'm
talking about the poetry world at large, and that
sadly translates into careers. who's hot, who's not...
who's tossing whose salad.

there are warm spots. I've benefited from community.
being welcomed in Philly really changed my life, but
being treated like shit by certain people because I
didn't fit the criteria -- or whatever -- revealed a
nasty, INCESTUOUS side to what you call community.

What I call community are my books, the weather, my
notebooks, and a few distant friends like yourself --
I've made my own community, in my own little hermit

so, all hyperbole aside, I think a middle road should
be taken in your flap with Hassen.

it aint all good, aint all bad.

marching along

Joseph Massey

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