Sunday, December 28, 2003

We Are Family 

Let's set the record straight (no pun intended) with the (antigay, rightwing, uber-Christian minus the love) American Family Association (promoting traditional family values). (www.afa.net)

One of their most recent projects was to organize a boycott of Disney because of their "promotion of a homosexual agenda." According to the AFA, Disney is "the biggest promoter of the homosexual lifestyle as well as the homosexual social & political agenda in America today." Who knew?

Now, they are conducting an online poll about gay marriage & they plan to show their results to Congress. Awhile back, the results said 80% oppose same-sex marriage and civil unions, and that 17% were in favor. Now, with the help of people like you & me, the poll reads 32% against gay marriage and 59% in favor (8% in favor of a "civil union.").

Let's make sure that the liberal (and humane) voice is heard, people.

The word "family" has many definitions, and they're all worth honoring.

xo. Jenn.

Go here: http://www.marriagepoll.com

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