Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Rothenberg, the Poker folks, & a list from TD 

To follow Conrad on J. Rothenberg -- Jerry read at Karl Rakosi's recent 100th birthday reading & panel talk Jen Hofer put together two weeks ago at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA. Rothenberg read an excellent poem -- "The Times Are Never Right." Here is a section, from about halfway through the poem:

The times are never right.
A skin of air is over
everything. The sun
flows like a liquid,
all the universe we see
has never happened.
There is no truth to time
except for birthdays.
In a city under siege
a ceremony
gathers, scattering
the birds.


This morning I read a total free-flowing, enjoyable, & intelligent interview Marcella Durand did with Kevin Davies in the latest issue of Daniel Bouchard's the Poker (3), (of which Marcella and Kevin are both contributing editors). Marcella talking of Allen Ginsberg says:

MD: ... One time I went to his apartment and went to the bathroom, and Writing from the New Coast was on the toilet. Obviously, he was sitting there trying to puzzle it out.

KD: "What the heck is this?" I think I did the same with that volume, and I was in it!

MD: I hear you are a Buddhist.

KD: Kind of an anti-Buddhist Buddhist, plus a commie and the commie thing take precedence, but yeah. I practice Zen in the Korean tradition. I did the precepts and everything. I got into it through Alan Davies.


"2003" - A list from Tom Devaney:

went to the dry cleaners 22 times

laundry 45 times

took the bus 270 times:

40 Bus 99 times, 21 Bus 121, others 50

biked 277 times

called grandmother 12 times

saw her 5

spoke to brother 2-3 times

read newspaper The Inquirer: 131 times

NYTimes online 302 days

looked at Phila. skyline outside livingroom window 30

typed at desk 300

liked what I wrote 4-5 times

cereal 188, yogurt 202, oatmeal 40, eggs 91

turned on the heat 18 times, the air 12

listen to piano 177 times

classical piano 70, jazz 105

755 cups of tea

(two a day X's 365 + 25 more)

read Paul Krugman 20 times in the Times

wrote on blog 5-6 times

culture jamming, four

Oyster House 4 times

favorite Chinatown restaurant 4 times

favorite coffee and tea House 5 times

other favorite tea house 5 times

(with students reading Sparrow 1 of the 5)

New York City 7 times; seen Dean 5

walked in the rain 52 times

with umbrella 39 times

looked at the falling snow 14 (everytime)

post cards 17 times, letters 44, emails 4,824

LA 1, Paris 1, Baltimore 1, Bucks County 6, Montgomery Co. 7

rented a car 5 times

parking tickets 1, $15

staged puppet shows 1

watered plants (fern, & so-called lipstick plant) 118 times

used calculator 19 times

rocked out to classic rock 50 times

read books ??? 200-300

went to the movies 14 times

rented 27 times

conversations about movies 473

wrapped gifts in tissue paper 24 times

cried 39 times, laughed 1,516 times

laughed and cried 19 times

sang 144, for others 5 times

danced (i.e., shaked my shit) 100

bought fish 39 times

cooked spinach 53 times

* * *

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