Thursday, December 04, 2003

out of the blue 

Haven't posted in a while - babies to feed, papers to grade, etc. - but I did want to take a moment to give an update on Gil Ott, who's been hospitalized, as most of you folks know, for many months now. I visited him last week. He seemed in good spirits, and the impression I got was that he was being moved - either home or to a care facility, I couldn't quite tell - this week. I take this as a good sign. If anyone out there has more detailed news on Gil's recovery plans, feel free to email me at Christopher.McCreary@verizon.net, and I'll post the info here for all to see.

While I'm here, thought I'd mention some fine books I've come across lately. Sarah Mangold's "Household Mechanics" has plenty of fresh, engaging moments, and I'm especially taken with the longer sequences. No surprise: Rosmarie Waldrop's new one, "Blindsight," is a fine one. And Brenda Coultas's "Handmade Museum" has many an interesting moment, although I think I'm the one person who's read it who prefers the poems outside of the Bowery Project which is included there. Wish I had time to write about them all in more depth here. Alas.

Congrats to Conrad on the Carol feature - great use of the blog format, and chock full of smart words on one of my favorite poets. This blog has been put to good use, I think, which gives me hope for a technological tool that seems to be used primarily to complain about people in a format where they can't really talk back - where do people get the time to type up their po-biz gripes and whimpers in such detail, anyway? Sheesh. Anyway, time to make the donuts.

Carry on, my wayward sons (and daughters),

Chris McC

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