Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Dec.13- Gary Sullivan & Sofia Memon at La Tazza 

1797- Lyric poet & rebel Heinrich Heine born, Dusseldorf, Germany
1852- Owenite utopianist & scandal maker Frances Wright dies
1911- American poet & steelworker Kenneth Patchen born, Niles, Ohio

Saturday December 13, 2003
Gary Sullivan & Sofia Memon

La Tazza 108
108 Chestnut St. Philly

7pm cocktail hour
Readings at 8pm sharp

Gary Sullivan is a poet and cartoonist who lives in Brooklyn with the poet Nada Gordon, with whom he often collaborates. He is the author of How to Proceed in the Arts(Faux Press) and SWOON w/ Nada Gordon(Granary Books).

Sofia Memon is a poet and welfare rights lawyer who lives and works in Philadelphia.  She's read at The Khyber, the Asian Arts Initiative, and the Kelly Writers House.

Upcoming Readings:

January 24- CAConrad presents Brenda Coultas & Charlie O’Hay

February 7- kari edwards & Ron Silliman

Reading Report:

Kyle Conner hosted the MoveOn.org benefit reading. He introduced Joe Massey first, who loosened up with some of Leslie & Tammy’s adult beverages pre-reading. Massey’s subtleties were poems lodged under a wave, surfacing with gradual revelation. He defended the short poem as a practice& called me on a past “no more rhodedendrons” rant.

Corina Copp read from her new chapbook Sometimes Inspired by Margueritte (Open 24 Hours Press). Her poems were sharp takes on the blur, & her direct reading style kept everyone on board. Her poems are lesson plans on how to go to bed still human.

The crowd stayed late, where there were wandering hands, threats of auto-defenestration, dancing & threats of dancing in the basement. We retired back to a happening Dirty Frank’s, then 260 for a nightcap. Sunday afternoon, Corina went to see her reflection in Duchamp’s urinal at the PMA, while Joe did the same on a Greyhound back to Delaware.

check out: http://www.phillyimc.org

See you Saturday.

Frank Sherlock

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