Monday, November 10, 2003

Ta-Ta Terror! 

The War on Terror in Tikrit may be a "long, hard slog", as Donald Rumsfeld puts it. But be assured that there are stinging victories for America happening weekly in our own country. The FBI has scored another crushing blow against domestic terror by employing the Patriot Act to take down evil-doer Michael Galardi. This Las Vegas strip club owner would be wreaking even more poisonous municipal bribery if the special powers allowed by the terror-tailored law hadn’t given the Federal government the extra powers they needed to stop this menace.

Attorney General John Ashcroft assured the public at a press conference yesterday afternoon that the Act employed in the case is within legal parameters. "Of course this is legal. COINTELPRO? What's that? This is the Patriot Act. It's different. It really is!" A leading FBI agent assigned to the case (who asked not to be identified) dismissed questions about invoking the anti-terror law in such an investigation. “Of course he’s a terrorist. He hates our morals.”While the ACLU and other civil libertarian organizations argue the constitutionality of the charges, Galardi languishes in Guantanamo limbo. His female employees are being detained & interrogated for intelligence gathering. At the end of the probe, the subjects of investigation will likely be deported to Tijuana.

Frank Sherlock

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