Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Spots in Sarajevo 

I just want to add a voice/texture to Conrad's argument regarding Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary.

"At the beginning of the war, a photograph appeared in the daily Olobodjenje. There was a building in flames, billowing forth thick, black smoke. Right when the photograph was taken, the smoke formed a clearly recognizable image of Radovan Karadzic. The very man who put the city to flames now appeared through the smoke like a devil overseeing his own destructive acts. There was no escaping it, everyone who saw the image had precisely the same image in mind. It seems like people can only describe evil through symbolic language. Even when the smoke over the flaming city appeared in the form of the very person who had set it on fire, that is, as a real person, it could still only be described as the devil's work. A defense mechanism: if this is the work of the devil, then it's not part of this world and evil remains distant."

- Semezdin Mehmedinovic, from Sarajevo Blues

Frank Sherlock

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