Monday, November 24, 2003

Rally for FTAA activists 

There will be an urgent rally in support of FTAA activists imprisoned last week in Miami. The show of solidarity will take place on Tuesday November 25 (noon) at City Hall. Police Commissioner John Timony once again has used law enforcement as a tool to destroy dissent. There have been reports from Miami of seemingly random "snatches", a practice in which activists are grabbed off the street & taken away in unmarked cars. There have been numerous reports of rape & torture when activists refused to give their names & nationalities. The use of rubber bullets, tear gas & pepper spray (even on handcuffed prisoners) has been witnessed & verified. Show your outrage. Show your support. Demand that Mayor Street & City Council speak for free speech. Demand condemnation of police state tactics. Demand the release of FTAA political prisoners.

Frank Sherlock

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