Sunday, November 02, 2003


& re The Ixnay Reader (it's all good) let me just say how much i like this poem in there from Ethel Rackin (i would maybe even hop)::::::::::::::::::::::

your dog isn't the first to greet you

in the summertime
when there's a box of milk and 3 cucumbers

it's no time to be shy!
    a hip socket requires love love and the promise
of love

and a dog who barks uncontrollably
    may be coaxed
            to drop it
after pawing the front door of grief
with his outdoor ball

(meanwhile should I forget the whispering of ancestors
    they may be good for my health
            in the way opening passages for chi to flow

is good

which is not a slogan but a truism
in the sense that I am still in a lunchroom setting
wondering where my mother's been)

oh how can I tend the forest of You
and still admit that the shakes are something
and the blues are something too



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