Friday, October 03, 2003

poem by Ed Cox............. 

by Ed Cox

1. Bus Stop

The young woman
stands in the cold,
says to her small son:
"Hold your head up
so the wind won't blow
on your neck."

2. Duet

In the bright sun
of mid-afternoon
two sparrows,
from opposite ledges,
sing and sway
as those nearby
turn to their sound.

3. Dead Moth

Your wings tremble
on the curtain
when they dynamite
for the subway.


this poem is from Cox's COLLECTED POEMS that Buck Downs sent me when i had written to him that i am a fan of the poems of Tim Dlugos. Cox and Dlugos were part of the Mass Transit Group. Cox died in 1992, just two years after Dlugos died. both were young poets in their prime, and it always makes me sad to get to the end of what they've written, wondering what might have come next.

i've been rereading Cox's book, and wanted to share this poem hoping that it might encourage anyone reading it to read his book.


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