Friday, October 24, 2003

poem by Buck Downs 

the following poem arrived from Buck Downs in a translucent wax envelope, the poem itself typed onto the back of a KITCHEN CHECK, the kind that says (i'm copying off the check now)
This Duplicate Check Used For Ordering Only

at the bottom it has the tax line, but then it says something really strange, "Do Not Pay This Check" okay, no problem.

but here's the fine little poem on the back, which makes me think about all the insanity going on in Philadelphia right now:

"someone hung a dead pigeon
outside the mayor's window"
--City Desk, 4 June 99

another ripple
of unintended consequence
emanates from One Judiciary Sq.
a pigeon has been stupidly
fighting with a string and knots
itself to a drain
collapses and falls off the bldg.
men have been added
to the mayor's detail

Buck my apologies for not understanding HOW to keep your indents/tabs in place. does anyone know how?
thanks so much for sending,

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