Thursday, October 30, 2003

National Outcry for the Reelection of Philadelphia Mayor John Street 

walking to my POBox today there was a La Rouche table on the corner of Chestnut and Broad. i've had some very X-Files kind of conversations with these folks in the past concerning La Rouche's conspiracy theories connecting Al Gore to the Royal family of England and how Americans are really just the pawns of England. and how we never really won the American Revolution, and that King George only let us believe that we had won in order to maintain a hold on the resources from our very rich continent. well, it's not "very" X-Files, just plain X-Files.

but today they had a giant photograph of John Ashcroft with a caption stating that a vote for Street is a vote against Ashcroft. hmmm. of course i wanted to know more! i was handed this statement from La Rouche himself:

     "Let us make sure that in Philadelphia, we do not have a repeat of those shameful performances by my fellow Democrats, which allowed Ashcroft to become Attorney General in January 2001, and allowed Arnie 'Beast-man' Schwarzenegger to take over California earlier this month. Let us deliver a devastating blow to Ashcroft's gestapo methods, by a massive turnout to re-elect Mayor John Street. This election has taken on national and worldwide significance, as the result of John Ashcroft's filthy effort to steal an election through his all-too-familiar methods of terror, deceit, and brutal abuse of governmental power."

hmmm. and just when i was pondering this statement i opened my POBox to find a form-letter from Barney Frank. for those of you NOT on Philadelphia gay or lesbian mailing lists probably wouldn't receive the letter. let me share it with you now:


October 28th, 2003

Dear Friends:

     You are getting a year's start on the rest of the country. The Philadelphia mayoral election to be held on Tuesday, November 4 will be the first major battle of the 2004 presidential contest. The Republicans now understand that President Bush's reelection is in doubt, because of the public dissatisfaction with the administration's policies in both the international and domestic areas. And they are in full battle mode.

     The most important next step in their plan is to elect a Republican Mayor of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania will be critical in deciding who wins the next presidential election, and they understandably believe that electing a Republican Mayor will greatly enhance President Bush's chances of carrying the state.

     A Bush reelection will have disastrous consequences for the effort to promote fair treatment for the LGBY community. President Bush has made it clear that the Supreme Court Justice who will be the model for any appointments he gets to make is Antonin Scalia, who is of course the author of an opinion which not only vigorously disagreed with the notion that we should be free from police intrusion into our bedrooms, but constituted a virulent anti-LGBT rant. The president elected in 2004 is very likely to appoint as many as three or four Supreme Court Justices, and if that president is George Bush, the recent decision overturning sodomy laws will be overturned.

     The President has made clear his opposition to any effort to recognize our rights to legal relationships, in contrast to all of the Democrats who are opposing him.

     In an earlier time in American history, this might not be relevant to the Philadelphia mayoral election. When I first entered politics, national party alignments were not so strong, and the Republicans and the Democratic Party were both loose coalitions of people who had different views on a wide range of subjects.

     That is no longer true. The Republican Party in particular has become a desciplined cohesive right-wing organization, and even those Republicans who hold office and claim to be moderates become in fact part of this right-wing machine. In return for the support they receive from the Republican Party in winning office, they become active campaigners for their fellow Republicans who are, in almost every case, extreme conservatives vehemently opposed to LGBT rights and all other efforts to improve fairness in our society.

     I recognize that when John Street ran for Mayor four years ago, there was concern about his commitment to public policies that recognize the rights of members of the LGBT community to be treated fairly. Thanks in part to the efforts of the leaders of the LGBT community in Philadelphia, and Mayor Street's willingness to learn from and work with them, his record on issues affecting anti-LGBT bias is an excellent one. As Mayor, John Street has signed landmarke legislation that added gender identity to the City's Fair Practices Ordinance, defended domestic partnership legislation, and created an LGBT Advisory Board and the City's first ever LGBT Community Liaison.

     If a Republican is elected Mayor of Philadelphia this year, it will be a very welcome chance for the Bush administration to argue that recent reports of public dissatisfaction with right-wing rule are overblown, and you will read and hear a great deal of spin suggesting that this argues well for his reelection.

     Both because of the record he has compiled on LGBT issues in Philadelphia, and as the very important first step toward preventing Geroge Bush from giving us more Scalias on the Supreme Court, I urge you to vote for John Street on November 4.


Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts


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