Thursday, September 04, 2003

Powderkeg Report 

Thanks, CA. It’s an honor to be asked to write a poem for good friends/hot

The next day, there was a wedding parade in Long Island City- dubbed the
POWDERKEG. The event was organized by sculptor Marc Robinson. He somehow put
together a permitted march with a brass band & a police escort! There was a
Philly contingent, as well as a sizeable New Orleans mardi gras-by-way-of-
Queens-in-August posse. Brett Evans wins Most Disturbing Mask award for his
red, glowing full-face cutout of Phil Collin’s FACE VALUE album cover- made
functional by cutting eye-holes & attaching a string.

The band led us down Vernon Boulevard behind a banner that read ALLISON & GREG-
JUST MARRIED. The newlyweds were king & queen of the parade, seated in the bed
of a golden El Camino. The groom waved his umbrella in mummeric fashion, as the
bride blew kisses to well-wishers cooking out in the parks. Residents joined
in, marching for a number of blocks. Neighborhood kids danced wildly around the
horns as the tuba bellowed the Spiderman Theme.

Powderkeg wound down amidst the sculptures-in-progress at Socrates Park. There
were groups of friends sitting in the grass as the breeze blew by us. Cans of
Old E 800 were raised in their individual brown bags. Cheers to Allison! Cheers
to Greg!


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