Friday, September 19, 2003

poppycrock (or, blog is the new black) 

I've been itching to get ixnay press rolling again - we're not really even on an official hiatus, but it feels that way since I have no publishing project moving forward w/ steam - & the ideal vehicle, I thought, would be poppycock, our occasional newsletter. For one thing, I like the quick-hit, no-frills nature of the format (we've done one edition thus far) because it's easy to lay out & distribute - I was planning on running some hard copies but mostly directing folks to a pdf. on our website. I actually got an issue started back in the spring and collected both essays & creative work from Brenda Iijima & Garrett Caples. So far, so good, I thought.

But that's when I hit the snags. I've had a couple of other reviewers back out after asking for multiple extensions, & I've had a tough time getting other folks to agree to write pieces - interviews, reviews, whatever. I'm not interested in throwing open a general call to the Buffalo list, say - I was always keen on using this as a house newsletter of sorts, a venue for work & writers close to the ixnay community in one way or another. But I have queried quite a few new folks at this point & have not gotten the smallest nibble.

So I guess in part this is an oblique call for work that folks think might be a fit (if you've got an idea for the newsletter, shoot us an email at ixnaypress@verizon.net). I've certainly not queried widely enough for me to bitch too much. But I do think I can begin to express some bewilderment. I honestly can't believe how tough it is to get people to write a piece for us! I mean, obviously some folks just don't want to write reviews, etc., which makes good sense. But beyond that, maybe the circulation is too low & it's not worth the time? Maybe blogging provides a more immediate thrill? (One of my goals was to have the newsletter be quick to get out, & blogging certainly beats a newsletter, electronic or otherwise, to the punch.) Given the hospital bills that're going to take a while to work thru, I was excited to put together a lo-fi (aka inexpensive) newsletter before tackling ixnay reader, part deux. But maybe not?

I dunno. Is blogging the new newsletter? After all, a recent edition of the Poetry Project newsletter consisted, in large part, of work already published on blogs. Or is that like saying e-books will replace paper some day? I certainly hope not in both cases - blogs have an awesome potential, & I especially like the communal nature of this one, but I'd hate to see them scoot aside small print ventures. (By the way, I realize I'm making a big leap by looking for larger trends based only on my own limited experience here.) Thoughts? Potential newsletter contributions? Boxes of Size 2 Pampers that you need to get rid of? Anyone? Anyone?

Chris McC

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