Thursday, August 21, 2003


just finished watching PANDAEMONIUM with Magdalena Zurawski and Mytili Jagannathan. the director is Julien Temple, who gave us the amazing documentary THE FILTH AND THE FURY.

it's rare that a film can spend every last nerve. i was exhausted by the end of it, wanting to warn Coleridge every fifteen minutes to stay away from Wordsworth and his cold, Disney-witch wife. it's a remarkable film, beautiful camera shots, especially at the stones on the hill where Coleridge could hear the underground waterfalls, his original inspiration for KUBLAH KAHN.

i must admit, William Wordsworth has never been called out so publicly (in our times) as the bitch of the power structure. i wanted to reach into the film and change history in a rather violent way. his excessive envy of Coleridge's talents made me think about Bonnie Friedman's book WRITING PAST DARK: ENVY, FEAR, DISTRACTION AND OTHER DILEMMAS IN THE WRITER'S LIFE. the title pretty much sums up the read, but trust me, you have NO IDEA just how or who she grabs ahold of. for instance, she mentions Shakespeare's insane jealousy of a fellow writer, someone whose name escapes me.

one person i REALLY want to contact and ask their opinion about the film is Barbara Cole, who Magdalena says wrote a paper on the controversy surrounding William Wordsworth having supposedly plagiarized his sister Dorothy's diaries.

Temple is quoted as saying of the late 18th century, "Most people see this time through a Jane Austin filter... PANDAEMONIUM hopefully reveals the cutting edge of that time and... a far more modern world with far more in common with our own."

i've met my share of budding Wordsworth-acting poets out there, and want them to see this film.

p.s. the sexiest man in the film is the nerd who is conducting experiments with electricity.

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