Thursday, August 14, 2003

One of the secrets of the Philly Sound (TPS), which may be less of a secret now, are all the hosts and their geniune commitment to each other and to new poetry. A look a some of pieces of this larger whole reveals: Chris and Jenn McCreary's Ixnay; Frank Sherlock, Maggie Zurawski, & Greg Fuchs running the La Tazza series; CA Conrad with his 9x9 & ohter collective projects; Molly Russakoff's book store Molly's and reading series; myself producing LIVE and being at Writers House; and Mytili Jagannathan at the Asian Arts Iniative.

One of the things I'd like to do every now and again on TPS Blog is to simply list some of the poets and writers who I talk to on any given day at the Writers House since even the list itself might reveal something about something that is circulating through our city. Thurs. 8/14: Elizabeth Scanlon calling from Bread Loaf; Jena Osman at home in center city; the young French scholar and tanslator Yan Brailowsky calling from nyc and coming to visit for the night, CAConrad calling from Eleanor Wilner's where he is house sitting.

-Tom Devaney

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