Monday, August 25, 2003

Magdalena's teen poem 

Maggie Zurawski was going through her collection of books in the back of her van outside Molly's bookshop while i was in the front seat reading some of them. she came across a poem she wrote when she was a teenager that was folded inside a book. when i asked if i could put it on the Blog she said i could so long as i promised to mention that it was her only heterosexual experience, and that nothing happened.

Bus Ride
by Magdalena Zurawski (1989)

The breeze escorts my bangs
in a dance across my lips
As my head tilts back
in a half-slept dream
and his body rests
in my lap.

she had one of those cool teen signatures, the kind those of us who lived inside a lot of rock and roll would wind up having. her's was a sturdy, pointy M with a Zoro Z slashed ontop of the M.

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