Saturday, August 16, 2003

Is this thing on? Testing, testing...

Conrad, Thanks for putting this forum together. The Philly Sound weekend felt enormous to me, & I'm glad to have a place in which we can both debrief & move on to other work at hand. I just sent off my brief synopsis of the weekend to Marcella so it can hopefully be included in the Poetry Project Newsletter - it's a short piece, but I tried to get the right flavor. One thing I didn't have space to say there - seeing old friends alongside my younger students who read, it really struck me that we're no longer, you know, kids - & haven't been kids for a while, either. On a physical level, I mean, I see my own bald head every day, but I caught myself thinking - when did my friends start to go grey? when did people start to get wrinkles? It struck me as a physical manifestation of the collective history that was in the room - after all, some of these friendships go back more than a decade.

One other thing: Conrad, I second the enthusiasm for Craig Watson's work. That series you reference is collected in True News. I got a review copy of it a few months back & was blown out of the water. Turns out, too, the first-ever Singing Horse book was Craig's (so there's history there, too, obviously). I ended up tracked him down & interviewing him over email - a really sharp, accessible guy who's gone his own way, both in terms of his poetry & the jobs he's held.

Chris McC

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