Wednesday, August 27, 2003

inebriation & intercourse 

yeah, Frank, it's more about Buk's Bird.

abt twelve yrs ago his poetry annoyed the hell out of me. your summary of buk's poem formula reminded me of something i jotted back then after reading a poem (can't recall the name) about screwing in a cemetery :
>> You? Whine, smoke, drink, fuck, whine, fuck, whine whine, blah blah blah. Anyway, I'm sure you're an obnoxious fuck. (poet's just a notch in a tombstone) <<

guess i was jealous that he got away with it & chicks didn't/couldn't do so without getting blasted (not in the inebriated sense) or simply ignored. esp. at that time. i mean, couldn't get away with writing about things like gutters & fucking & drinking -- or with being lazy (craft-wise) & indulgent With Poetry & In General. i thot he was boring, simple minded, sophomoric. i thot his success had more to do with conventional men & their fantasies. i was living in L.A., & a hard life. harder, i imagined, than his, with more Responsibility (whatever that means and for what it's worth). my writing sucked. but not more than his (i once thot). and, as you said, he was the toast - & i didn't get the romance. now i do. & jealousy's transformed into my own small fantasy (not exclusively male, it turns out). exactly about shedding responsibility - & living, seemingly, without being a self-conscious dope while at the same time writing Whatever & in so doing thumbing nose at a certain Establishment Air. something in the line of anyone's cowboy/bandit/pirate/gangsta fantasy i suppose.

but beyond that, for a night, it would simply be great fun to read his poetry, be crass/lewd or just pathetic, drink, fuck, drool, whatever. i didn't explain my answer in the live 9for9, just named him. turned out i didn't need to as deborah's answer was pretty much to the same effect of what i was thinking. it's an especially liberating idea for women (& others, surely), i guess, who might often feel burdened/trapped/pigeonholed/proper. plus, i imagine bukowski's character is relatively close to home & therefore easier for a lazy gal like me to drag.


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