Friday, August 22, 2003


OPEN 24 HOURS Press has been publishing sharp writing for two decades. Its
founder, Chris Toll began O-24 as a literary magazine. He passed the torch to
DC poet Buck Downs, who published some of the best under-the-radar poets in
America through the mid-nineties. I was turned onto it via NOLA poet Brett
Evans, mere months before the mag's lengthy convalescence. The press has
recently morphed into a chapbook series, edited & designed by John Coletti &
Greg Fuchs. Until recently, connecting Open 24 Hours with Greg & John meant one
thing- the Kellogg Diner in Williamsburg after some very late nights. Their
advice: "Don't get fancy with your order. Stick to the very, VERY basic!"

Corina Copp is a poet I've been hearing alot about in New York this year. She
helped put readings together at the Anthroposophical Society, & is a Program
Assistant at the Poetry Project. Regettably, Matt McGoldrick & I had to catch
the last bus back to Philly after a long day of cat & mousing the NYPD on F15-
thus missing (by all reports)a show-stopping reading by Copp.

I've been reading her O-24 chapbook, SOMETIMES INSPIRED BY MARGUERITE. This
collection of (mostly)prose poems have surreal traces of the Bretonic turn of
image, & an Ackeresque trans-narrative thread. Who is Marguerite? Good
question. Marguerite appears as mannequin, as woman, as place, as subject,
object & autobiographical figure.


Marguerite rations we in wait, avoiding selfishness, all pre-
pregnant. Self shouldn't be a pre-pregnant state in wait for self-love
in its immanent self-craft mars self, and might project, in collaboration
a fast connect in a hill of mirrors our several kinds of self which every day
do the heart good in its pumping. At some point a heart might pump synthetic
self into my bath water. Marguerite hanged by her ankle hands out favorable

returns: earth-tethered trajectories, teleological not technological bathmats.

The different locations of Marguerite are investigative surveys on the
geography of selves. Marguerite can be mapped from poem to poem from her
different states of being, as in the first lines of ASTERISK:

Your body houses a tourney: a man or a mouse as representative, lobbying
for rights and so forth, which one I ask, is best suited for the fight I ask

I continue to question the place of Marguerite from poem to poem,as she shifts
with an restless constancy. I settle on Marguerite as a locale. Then a "her."
Then a mindset. Then a "me." Ultimately, I can't settle on a Marguerite, but
instead agree to cautiously embrace "her" with each manifestion.

This is(I believe)Copp's first collection of poems. I look forward to her next.
For inquiries about picking up Corina's chapbook, contact greg@gregfuchs.com

Frank Sherlock

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